About the Little Red Baker

I am a twenty-something full-time college student experimenting with different hobbies. In high school, it was makeup and cosmetology. I went so far as to obtain a makeup artistry certificate before I realized I would rather sleep in the morning. My senior year of high school, I read as many books as I could manage. My hobby then transitioned into plants during my freshman year of college. At the peak, I had four orchids, twenty plus succulents, and steadily propagated more.

Baking is my current hobby. As of writing this, I have made four pies, a cake, and a batch of gingersnap cookies with the assistance of my gorgeous blue KitchenAid stand mixer. Don’t be fooled; I still dabble in everything afore mentioned. I still do makeup (for myself and others). I read every chance I get. I still have my orchids, most of my succulents (those can be very fickle), and I still propagate.

My philosophy is that there are too many things in the world to devote the entirety of my time to one single thing. My aspiration in life is to be well-educated, well-rounded, and an interesting conversationalist. I hope to utilize this blog in my exploration of the world and myself (which is why I simply cannot seem to assign myself to a niche), while still attending school.

You can always reach me by email at hellolittleredbaker@gmail.com.