You On Netflix

Plenty of people appreciate a spoiler alert. This is a spoiler alert. There will be spoilers if you read any further. Do not continue to read unless you have watched You on Netflix.

Okay, first of all: social media is the worst. This stalker was able to find out everything about Beck and everyone in her life through social media alone.

This psycho man chose her, stalked her, dated her, and then killed her.

I’m almost at a loss for words.

I’ve had a sour opinion of social media for a while. People tag the locations of their photos without a second thought. Photos show only the best aspects of a life. Twitter is for every thought you have. Snapchat is for video proof you did something, sometimes it’s amazing but more likely mediocre. Facebook is where you update your older relatives on your life and occasionally dabble in political debates. People post because that’s how we connect these days.

I’m not blaming Beck, necessarily. She was doing what people do. But goodness, sometimes I wanted to shake her. What are the chances that Mr. Seemingly Perfect just shows up at a Charles Dickens festival? Dude know the king size bed won’t fit in your bedroom because he stands outside your apartment every night, watching you mess around with other men.

Beck wasn’t perfect, but did she deserve to die for that? Would he have really allowed her to live if she had gone along with his delusion?

And Candace?? Thought she was dead. Guess I was wrong. What happened with Candace?

These are just some thoughts I had after finish the first season. This show was amazingly spine chilling. It has coated me in another layer of paranoia.

Please share your thoughts and theories with me.